fine art

paintings and drawings of a variety of genres,
on canvas, paper and other materials


restored and reworked to produce unique, reloved and stylishly functional pieces


my love of reading and quests to know more
has led to my recent writings and publication

I paint and create for all the joys, challenges, and satisfactions that I always encounter whilst journeying along the myriad unchartered pathways in the Land of Creativity! 

I hope that what I bring back from there, to share with the viewer, will always intrigue and give pleasure.



I have started to write as well.

My first book: 'It Awaits Us', is to be epublished very soon. You can read the first chapter and a half by clicking on the 'Writing' tab above.

It is a mystery, a thriller, a romance, a conspiracy revealed, and hopefully, a thought provoker.

Imagine a mix of: Tales Of The Unexpected, X Files, Dr.Who, Heartbeat (Yorkshire TV series), and Sons Of Anarchy.



So...please come in and have a browse around!